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The Haft-Sin or Haft-Seen table represents nature. By tradition, Iranian families take great pains to create the most beautiful Haft-Sin table that they can, for not only does it embody values both traditional and spiritual, it is also appreciated by the visitors during Nowruz visiting exchanges as a reflection of the families' aesthetic sense and good taste.Items that start with Persian letter "س":Sabzeh (سبزه): Sprouting /Grass: the symbol of rebirth and growth.Samanu (سمنو): Samanu: the symbol of power and strength.Senjed (سنجد): Elaeagnus angustifolia: the symbol of love.Somāq (سماق): Sumac: the symbol of sunrise.Serkeh (سرکه): Vinegar: the symbol of patience.Seeb (سیب): Apple: the symbol of beauty.Seer (سیر): Garlic: the symbol of health and medicine.Other items that start with Persian letter "س" that are sometimes included:Sonbol (سنبل): Hyacinth: the symbol of spring's arrival.Sekkeh (سکه): Coin: the symbol of wealth and prosperity.Saat (ساعت): Clock: the symbol of time.Items that don't start with "س" but, nonetheless, are invariably included:Tokhm-e Morg Rangi (تخم‌مرغ رنگی): Eggs: the symbol of fertility.Ayina (آینه): Mirror: the symbol of self-reflection.Shem'a (شمع): Candle: the symbol of enlightenment.Maahi-ye Qırmız (ماهی قرمز): Goldfish: the symbol of progress.Ketaab (کتاب): Book: the symbol of wisdom. Our exclusive Limoges individually hand painted Haftseen (AKA Haft-sin, Haftsin) tray has a delicate paisley design an original theme that conforms to the Iranian Norooz. 



SIZE: 5" X 3 1/4" ( 12 1/2 X 8 1/4 Cm. )



$325.00 Regular Price
$285.00Sale Price
  • The Haft Seen tray, or Haft Sin tray in Persian meaning "seven S" is a traditional arrangement of seven items starting with the letter "S". Some variations such as additional items are common. these items are set on a table using a festive table cover to celebrate the first day of spring, a tradition going back to the era of Zoroastrians about 3000 years ago. New Year is called Nowruz or Norooz (In Persian meaning New Day) and is celebrated in many countries namely Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, some countries of the central Caucasus, and the southern block of Asia. Norooz is celebrated on the day of the astronomical Northward equinox which usually occurs on March 21st or the previous/following day, depending on where it is observed. A.F. LIMOGES is proud to present a magnificent Haft Seen tray created exclusively for us by Porcelaine Pierre Arquie in Limoges France. The tray has a hand painted paisley border, and all the items are individually hand painted as well, to bring the essence of Norooz to your home. The arrangement consists of: Sprouts representing rebirth. "Samanu" a wheat germ sweet pudding for affluence, "Senjed" dried Oleaster for love, Garlic represents medicine, Vinegar for age and patience, Apples for beauty and health, Coins for wealth, Goldfish for life within life and sign of Pisces, and finally Eggs for fertility. A plaquette inscribed Happy Norooz in gold is added to the set. SIZE OF THE TRAY:4 3/4" . (12 CM) x 3 1/4" ( 7 1/2 CM )

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