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The Creation of Limoges Hand Painted

Porcelain Boxes

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The process begins with the creation of a mold. This is made of plaster and shapes the model of the object...


The porcelain paste is then poured into the molds, and while drying, takes the shape of the intended object. The two parts of the box (body and lid) are then dried and fired in a kiln. At this stage, the manufacturer may add some chemical substances resulting in Cobalt Blue or purple pieces, which are decorated by using stencils and usually imprinted in gold".


The next step is to glaze the white porcelain and to fire it for the second time. During these steps, the object loses some of its volume, which explains why two identical pieces are not exactly the same size.


Once ready, the parts are meticulously hand painted. One Limoges box may undergo several stages of hand painting, and firing until completed.


The two painted parts of the box are now assembled, hinged, welded with a bronze setting band and complemented with an appropriate latch. The setting of the boxes is done by means of very simple tools such as wooden mallets.


The finished box with the world famous insignia " Peint Main "  " Limoges "  is a masterpiece to cherish a lifetime. Each hand painted box is unique and no two boxes will be identical.



Pictures courtesy and property of Porcelaine Pierre Arquie  and Limoges Diffusion S.A. 87000 Limoges France  Copyright A. F. LIMOGES  1992-2019


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