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Offering a fine product line of high quality and workmanship, friendly and courteous service is what our company is all about. We are extremely proud and grateful that most of our customers have graciously referred us to their friends and relatives.

Here is a sampling of what they had to say about A.F. LIMOGES:


Eugene, Oregon

"Highly satisfied with the quality of service, product, presentation and on time delivery. "


Daingerfield, Texas

"Highly satisfied. I appreciated the phone call. Talking to a real person to verify the order was good service."


Little Rock, Arkansas

"It is a pleasure to do business with companies who take personal interest in their customers' satisfaction. Mr.. ....could teach many companies how to improve customer relations. Thank you." 


Lincoln, California

"Mr.Frendian extended me the courtesy of a phone call when a problem with the sales tax occurred on my order. Had he not, my shipment would have been delayed and my wife might not have received a much appreciated gift in time for Christmas. Your thoughtful and professional consideration went beyond my expectations. Thank you."


Barrington , Illinois

"I am interested in Limoges that represent the different countries I've traveled to, so I like travel related Limoges. La Patisserie that I bought looks like the one I visited when I was in France. It showed in detail the baker and shelves of pastries through the window with hand painted Limoges, France insignia on the base. Everything about the service was wonderful. "


Newburgh, Indiana

"Highly satisfied with quality of serivce, product, presentation and prompt delivery. "


Royersford, Pennsylvania

"I was hesitant at first to order by mail / Internet, but the level of Customer Service was outstanding and the box I ordered was beautiful. I will order more in the future."


Memphis, Tennessee

"Highly satisfied with quality of service, product, presentation and timely delivery."


Pottstown, Pennsylvania

"Excellent!! Will recommend. "


Annapolis, Indiana

"Excellent service at all times!"


Sussex, Wisconsin

"Mr.…. was very good about following through with his phone calls… nice customer service. "


Coto de Caza, California

"I received my box today just as promised. I love it! It is beautiful. Arrived packaged great, on time and oh so cute. Thank you!"


Lake Charles, Louisiana

"I ordered a box from you in July and gave it to my mother for her anniversary earlier this month. She loved it. I also wanted to say thank you for calling personally and checking to see if it arrived on time. I appreciate your concern. Of course you may use my comments, I want everyone to know what a wonderful company you are. Thanks again!  " 


Deep River, Connecticut

"Just wanted to confirm that I did receive my Limoges late yesterday evening and I just love it! I had been looking for this particular item for quite a while, and was delighted to find it. Thanks so much and hope to do business with you again! " 


Bloomfield, New Jersey

"Highly satisfied with quality of service, product, presentation, and on time delivery.  " 


Indianapolis, Indiana

"I believe your quality of service is the best I've ever had. You are the best! Couldn't be any better.  " 


Indianapolis, Indiana

"Highly satisfied with quality of product, presentation and on time delivery. Excellent service at all times. " 


Montauk, New York

"Highly satisfied with quality of service, quality of the product, presentation and on time delivery. Very friendly and courteous service. " 

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