The "FORGET ME NOT" flower symbolizes The Centennial Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. This beautiful and meaningful box was created and hand painted on Limoges porcelain in France,in a limited edition exclusively for A.F. LIMOGES. The five-petal forget me not flower: The etymology of the flower's name shows that it conveys the same meaning, as expressed in all languages "REMEMBER" It also symbolizes the five continents where the genocide survivors have settled and thrived. The associative colors symbolize: PAST..... Black for the horrors and memories of the genocide PRESENT..... Inner light violet for unifying ideas. FUTURE..... Purple-Violet widely used in the vestments of the priests of the Armenian Apostolic Church, which is a basis of the Armenians' self-consciousness. ETERNITY.....Yellow for the sunlight, representing hope to live and create. The inscription inside the box is "I Remember and Demand" in Armenian, English, French and Spanish; decorated with a few of the same flower.A small porcelain flag of the Republic of Armenia is included in the box. A.F. LIMOGES is honored to present this beautiful and meaningful box; commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the first Genocide of the twentieth century.

Item PPA100

Size:1 1/2"  (4 cm)diameter.


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